Business Cooperation

Project Cooperation

For project cooperation, you only need to pay a good faith deposit or project funds and sign a project cooperation contract. The company cooperates with the project equipment, project team, marketing mode, and event plan to carry out event sales in the store. The sales results are divided according to the negotiated ratio. When the store and the company reach the contract amount, the equipment is owned by the store. The sharing is terminated, and the company does not participate in the sharing of store performance.

Business Cooperation
Business Cooperation

Instrument Leasing

Leasing cooperation sharing model: The company and the store negotiate a proportional share, that is, the store pays the sincerity guarantee or project funds, signs a cooperation contract (the instrument is always owned by Feijia), and the company produces the equipment, the team, the marketing model, and the activity plan The partner stores carry out event sales, and the sales results are divided according to the negotiated ratio.

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