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At present, the company is forging ahead steadily and developing steadily. The accumulation of management experience is growing and the strength is constantly increasing, which has laid a good foundation for the next development of the company. The company formulates the following development plans:


(一)Actively expand business and increase the company's popularity

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the business extends to beauty salons, plastic hospitals, nail salons and other aspects. We are not afraid of hard work, give play to our talent advantages, and provide users with satisfactory beauty equipment and after-sales Service, expand influence, increase company visibility and market share.

(二)Emphasis on talent training and introduction of outstanding talents to enhance the company's strength

Talent is the key to the success of the strategy. The company's long-term uninterrupted training and training of employees is the company's continuous development needs. The training content for employees should include technology, consciousness, company system, corporate planning, and industry development status, so that employees clearly understand the role of their posts in the overall situation, understand the latest developments in the industry, find gaps to make up for shortcomings, and know each other. . Strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission of employees, so that the development of the enterprise has sufficient motivation. At the same time, it is necessary to introduce outstanding professionals, through continuous learning, comprehensive training, seize opportunities, expand outwards, tap potentials inward, expand the professional team of Feijia Group, and increase the company's technical strength.


(三)Establish the company's rules and regulations and implement standardized management of the company

The company establishes and improves various management, reward and punishment systems, achieves equal responsibilities and benefits, improves the initiative and enthusiasm of the company's employees, and improves the company's operational efficiency.

"The natural selection, survival of the fittest", the market does not sympathize with the weak. Under the favorable environment in which the current market economic order has been basically established and perfected, and in combination with the current actual situation of Feijia Group, the short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals of enterprise development must be clearly defined, so as to highlight the focus of work in each stage.

Step by step, shake hands with Fei Jia, and create brilliant, so that companies can better adapt to market changes, avoid major ups and downs in development, and achieve sustainable and healthy development of enterprises. A high starting point draws a blueprint for corporate development, a long-term, forward-looking and operational development strategy plan to improve economic efficiency, thereby achieving better survival and faster development.

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