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Feijia Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. four services to make your business worry-free

The constant pursuit of quality and excellence is the source of Feijia's inexhaustible strength and the capital on which Feijia relies. The professionalism and modernization are the goals that Feijia always pursues. Quality and service are the soul of Feijia.

The company is committed to human health, providing humanized, professional and standardized medical products and services, realizing corporate value and fulfilling social responsibilities.

Enterprises adhere to the quality of survival, service and development, adhere to quality management, and adhere to good after-sales service. Realize the integrated management of the production and operation of the products from the entry of raw materials to the after-sales service.

Persist in doing a good job of after-sales service on the basis of quality control, so that every

customer who purchases Feijia products can achieve worry-free operation.

Four technical training services to make your shop more worry-free

Service Support

Research Center Free Training

Research center free training, professional teachers explain one-on-one, let you understand the instrument in all directions, and solve your needs in a targeted manner.

Professional teacher off-shop training

Senior teachers get off the store training to teach you professional store operation management experience and escort good store operation.

Service Support
Service Support

Teacher video training

Professional teacher video training, 24-hour online answering doubts, eliminating concerns about using the instrument, and easily eliminating technical problems encountered in business.

Free technical upgrade training

The company regularly holds technology upgrading training courses, teaches the most advanced technology of the latest projects, explains the latest operating experience of the beauty market, assists you to take care of the store, and makes you worry-free and effort-saving.

Service Support

After sales service

Instrument free shipping , return and replace the instrument after seven days

Replace the machine for free within 3 months, and the machine host is guaranteed for one year

Malfunction Repair

Minor issues: remotely resolved within 12 hours

Big problem: repair at repair point, resolved within 48 hours after receiving the instrument

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